A Great Sunday!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Today started off cool and stayed that way all day. The high was 58 and our thermometer was at 52 this morning. It was also really cloudy but no rain. This time of year in Alabama we watch the predicted lows closely and so far the lowest low is 37 for the next 10 days. Good. No need to winterize yet. Sure would like to head to Florida in January without having to winterize, but we know that is probably not going to happen. Last year we had to winterize two days before our departure.

Morning Worship at Lester MemorialWorship at Lester Memorial this morning was wonderful. It was great to see everyone again, but much more importantly was the movement of the Spirit during worship. We then had a full house in Sunday School. We are looking for a larger room. It’s a nice problem to have.

After church we went to Piedmont, AL to ride the Chief Ladiga Trail with Barry and Donna. We rode from Piedmont to Germania Springs which is on the outskirts of Jacksonville, AL, a total of 20 miles round trip. With a little wind and temperatures in the low 50’s it was a cool ride. Too bad we forgot to take riding gloves. However, except for the hands we warmed up quickly once we started the ride. The Chief Ladiga is a great trail and since it is a rail trail there are only gradual changes in elevation. Fun ride with wonderful friends. Wonderful afternoon. After completing the ride we had an early supper in Rainbow City. It was a very nice Sunday. Hope yours was the same.


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