Moving, Moving, Moving

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Moving back into FRED for a few days
Moving back into FRED for a few days

Sorry we didn’t make a blog entry last night. Everything is okay, we were just really tired. Yesterday was moving day again. Moving back into FRED. We spent the day repacking FRED. Only a short trip this time but still need to reload the refrigerator, freezer and load appropriate clothes. Don’t need near all the usual clothes or tools since we won’t be working a project this time out. We really pushed to get things ready to roll. Randy and Debra drove over from South Carolina arriving about supper time and then we all went over to Juno’s house to prepare for moving furniture and boxes of stuff to Aunt Helen’s today. Debra and Anne are determined that we are going to get that house empty and cleaned before the end of the year. It is such a daunting task to try to figure out what to do with someone’s belongings. We were tired when we got home and just crashed.

Moving Max's mother's stuff from her old house
Moving Max’s mother’s stuff from her old house

Today we met Randy and Debra at 7:00 to continue packing. Sometime after 10:00 we took a trailer load over to Helen’s. We changed out some mattresses, and the couch so that Juno could have some of her things and then Debra and Michelle started decorating the den for Christmas. Randy and Max took some old furniture to the mission in Springville. We unloaded lots of additional pictures and other personal belongings.

Some of the things we found
Some of the things we found while packing. See anything interesting?

It was then 12:30 and time for us to do the final preparations to get FRED moving on down the road. Everything on the checklist was complete and we headed off the mountain in route to Tuscaloosa at 1:30. We drove I-59 to I-459 back to I-59 today because the more direct route through Birmingham is under major construction and the television news yesterday said to avoid “malfunction junction” if at all possible. It was possible and we are glad we actually watched the news yesterday morning. Any snowbirds heading south through Birmingham would be wise to avoid the downtown area. It was an uneventful drive to Tuscaloosa. We parked at Mama Ruby’s and got settled in. Anne’s cousin Nancy arrived a little while later. The three of us made a quick visit with Mama Ruby at the assisted living and then made a stop at Aldi to get the fresh items we need for Thursday. Dinner was at Jason’s Deli. That’s about it for the past two days.

What have we learned? Everyone over the age of 40 needs to quit getting stuff. So, no Christmas presents for anyone over 40. We need to be getting rid of stuff.

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