The Star Is On!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

It only went down to 53 last night and high was again in the upper 60s this afternoon. However, it was very cloudy all day. Now at 7:00pm, it is pouring rain with some areas getting 60mph winds. There are trees down in various areas of the county but so far nothing around us. We did pull the slides in on FRED. We are suppose to have a significant drop in temperatures after this front goes through. We shall see.

First thing this morning we headed back out to the star to try to get it ready for the season. Donna and Barry went with us. They have helped us every year for a long time. Things went really smoothly this morning and it only took us about 2.5-3 hours to get the star operational again. Compared to the last time the right of way was cleared this was a breeze. The area around the start was a mess and we had to clear debris from the star but thankfully there was no significant damage. Most of our time was spent in clearing underbrush and vines and replacing bulbs. Thank you so much Barry and Donna. It is so much better to do things like this with you guys. We love you guys.

What the star looks like from Hwy 75 in Remlap
What the star looks like from Hwy 75 in Remlap. (We know it is crooked, but it is going to take many days of work and many dollars to straighten it out. Maybe next year.)

We took a break this afternoon since we have stayed really busy and on task for our to do list this week. Did a little internet surfing and relaxed. Then we did a little more work around the house. We have been praying for our services tomorrow and hope you have too. Have a great weekend.

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