5 Stores, 5 LOL Visits

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Great Alabama weather going on right now. We decided to take advantage of the good weather and dedicated today to the errands of the LOLs (Little Old Ladies). We left home at 8:30 and returned about 4:30 and didn’t take a break for lunch. We made purchases for all four LOLs as well as ourselves. We started the day stopping at Aunt Helen’s for the shopping list. We had received Juno’s instructions yesterday because we didn’t expect her to be up when we left. However she was up and doing her morning devotion. Love her dedication to daily Bible study. What a wonderful example she remains even in her frail condition. Next was on to Trussville to visit with Aunt Jean at the assisted living and take an inventory of what she needed. She also had a couple of bills that needed to be paid. After taking care of those duties it was time to hit the stores. First was Sam’s Club for Jean, Juno and ourselves. Then Walmart for Jean, Helen, Juno, Mama Ruby and us. Next was Aldi and we think that was just for us. You know it is hard to work five lists at the same time. And yes, it takes more than one buggy and good organizational skills to keep things straight as far as payment, and loading in car in reverse order of delivery. Now it was time to return to assisted living and Jean. Bless her heart she was as excited to see us after lunch as she was this morning. At first she may not have remembered we were there earlier but then seemed to remember. For those that remember Noodle, Jean’s 46 year old turtle, he was doing well today, too. We cleaned his terrarium and fed him six worms.

Then we headed back toward Pine Mountain with one more stop, at Publix. That stop was for Juno and us. Probably wouldn’t have stopped there but we were going right by there and there were some good BOGO’s, plus it was senior day. Back on the mountain we unloaded at Helen and Juno’s. Home to unload there. Then to Oneonta to pay property taxes for Helen and ourselves and purchase new tag for FRED. Back to Helen’s and a visit with them and our pastor and cousin Barry. Finally home for lunch/supper at 4:30. That was our day. Not very interesting, but when we are 93 we might enjoy reading this again. It would probably just put us to sleep. Hope you got a nice nap.

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