End of Week Two at MHCC

Thursday, October 26, 2017

There was ice on the truck again this morning. Max cranked the truck and let it run to defrost the windshield before driving over to MHCC. The truck thermometer said the temperature was 34. But again we had a great day. Blue skies and sunshine. They say we will have a lot of rain Saturday and then a cold front with lows of 31, but we sure are enjoying this while it lasts.

Bobbi had devotion today and used “Our Daily Bread.” The scripture was Mark 6:7-12. It was another good time of sharing. The team seems to have opened up and more sharing is taking place this week.

Since today was NOMADS Friday, we all pushed a little extra to finish up some things and get all the areas clean and neat for the weekend. Anne, Evelyn, Cheryl and Bobbi completed the painting and cleanup in Oasis. They did not want the girls to have the disruption of another weekend with their rooms only partially painted. They worked hard and completed it all by shortly after lunch. We forgot to go back and count all the rooms but will do that next week. Anyway, they did a lot of painting this week. The barn crew got the corner pieces installed and all the stalls safe for the horses. They also determined how to best do the window trim and ordered the wood for that so they can start first thing Monday. They also trimmed some hedges/limbs that were hanging into the corral and repaired some fencing by the barn. They are becoming regular farm hands. Tom thought he was through with all the blinds yesterday but Anne and Evelyn found some additional rooms. So, Tom was back to work on more blinds when he finished at the barn, while Anne and Evelyn worked on the desk, again. There was some additional painting in Noble and the lavatory was installed in the bathroom. Joyce and Bobbi cleaned on of the ceiling fans in the break area, so there is only one left to clean. Again, lots was accomplished today. We are all pretty tired and looking forward to some down time this weekend. One more week to get everything completed. We think we will make it.

We still managed to ride a quick four miles over the hilly part of the trail after we got home. While we were riding we were trying to decide what to have for supper. That thought process was totally unnecessary because as soon as we got home Don brought us two pieces of panko chicken he had just cooked. They were delicious and greatly appreciated. We guess we’ll have to start calling him “Chef Don.”

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