Short Road Trip

Wednesday, August 30-Friday September 1, 2017

The weather this afternoon was beautiful with great temperatures for our evening walk. Hurricane Harvey is finally out of here. We had no damage around us although there were some small tornadoes in various areas of our state. However, compared to Texas, we almost feel guilty even mentioning the damage here. We are so thankful that all of our family members that live in Texas seem to be OK. Thank you Lord!

Wednesday and Thursday Anne was in Tuscaloosa checking on her Mom. Mama Ruby hasn’t been doing well but does now seem to be making some improvement. Max stayed in Blount County and completed the cleanup of Aunt Helen’s basement and worked with the plumber to get some other things done around Helen’s.

Today was ROAD TRIP!!! We made a quick road trip over to Cedartown, GA to meet with Randy who is responsible for the facilities at Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center. We will be leading a project at MHCC this fall and want to visit with Randy and see what he had in mind for our team. Randy is new to this position although he has been at MHCC for a while. He plans for our team to remove the siding on a horse barn, install OSB, and cover it with tin. This should be a fun project for some nice fall days. There is also work in a break room, repairs to a bathroom, floor repairs, and other odds and ins around campus. There are always some many needs at MHCC.


The campgroundWe also drove over to the campground to see what shape it was in. The campground is on the back side of the MHCC property just off the Silver Comet Bike Trail. Wide open pasture spaces. Really nice. They will cut the grass and do a little work before we arrive but doesn’t need much. We enjoyed our visit with Randy and are looking forward to another great project at MHCC. After returning home Max had to cut grass and Anne worked in FRED. Fun Day. And it’s Friday!! Hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Stay safe!

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