First Cousin Twice Removed

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Today was another gorgeous summer day, and today we can write about something happy. We did some more work around the house this morning – which in a way is a happy thing because we are able to do it.  Our first cousin twice removed (Max’s first cousin’s grandson) got married and we went to the wedding at our church, Lester Memorial UMC. The groom and his parents live very close to us The wedding partyand his Mom and Dad are some of our dearest friends. The wedding was basically traditional but also had light-hearted moments. We’re not sure if the “light-hearted” part was planned or just a spontaneous reflection of the bride’s and groom’s personalities.  For example, during the service they braided a “Trinity Cross” to symbolize the three persons making up the union – the bride, the groom and Jesus. They seemed to have a little difficulty with braiding the cords so when they finished they looked Trinity Crossat each other, laughed and high-fived. Later, when the pastor gave the groom permission to kiss the bride, she turned to the congregation and grinned and pumped her fists. Then as they were headed back down the aisle as husband and wife, the groom jumped up and clicked his heels together.

The reception did not have the usual nuts, mints and punch. There was a french fry bar and chicken fingers along with wonderful fruit and vegetables. Again, the reception was fun. No stuffiness. The bride and groom enjoyed their wedding day, as they should. And we did too! They are a sweet young Christian couple and we wish them the very best as they start their life together.


Otherwise things seem to be going fairly well with all our family – do we dare actually say that? Anne’s mom’s walking is improving. Juno and Helen are adjusting. All is good.

Tomorrow is Sunday so we look forward to getting to go worship at Lester Memorial again. If all goes as planned we will also get to attend our Sunday School class. When we get to go back we realize how much we miss everyone when we are gone. Remember to pray for your pastors. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Maintenance Day at Home

Friday, August 4, 2017

As we have said, on NOMADS projects we work Monday through Thursday. Then usually we have a fun day and a maintenance day, then Sunday and back to work on Monday. We are not on a project but today was our maintenance day at the house since it was actually our first day to spend at home since returning from North Carolina. We walked a few rounds this morning and had and omelet and cheese toast for breakfast. As soon as breakfast was over Max was on the tractor bush-hogging the pasture and around Helen’s house. He also bush-hogged around the walking trail since the grass was getting pretty high there, too.


Deer and hawk
Deer and red-tailed hawk in the bush-hogged area of the pasture. The deer are staring accusingly because their bedroom is being destroyed. The hawk is pouncing on a field mouse and thanking Max for the easy pickings.

Anne spent the day cleaning house and doing laundry as well as checking on the LOL’s.

What a fun day! (Sarcasm intended)

Doesn't say anything about hornets
In case you wondered, the label says nothing about repelling hornets.

We lost another great one!

August 3, 2017

Today was another beautiful summer day. Not too hot and we missed almost all the rain that was predicted. We left the house a little after 7am and stopped by Helen’s to check in with today’s Visiting Angel. So far so good. We got the truck hooked up and headed out about 8:00.

As stated yesterday we were in route back to Sherman RV to get a few things repaired on the motor home. We arrived in Sherman, MS without difficulty. We did follow an eighteen wheeler – “Trailer Swift” that must have been impaired or distracted. He couldn’t seem to keep his rig on the road. He came very close to side swiping another big rig. We just tried to stay out of his way. After arriving at Sherman we went over the issues with the coach with the service manager and then headed to Tuscaloosa to see Anne’s Mom.


Ralph and Momma Ruby during a Merry Methodists trip to Alaska in 2006
Ralph and Momma Ruby during a Merry Methodists trip to Alaska in 2006

Shortly before we left Sherman Anne’s brother called to say that our precious friend Ralph Krupp had died. Ralph and Anne’s mom became very close friends after each of their spouses died. Ralph became very special to their entire family. Anne, Jimmy and Sonny had so much respect for Ralph. He was 98 years old and a WWII 2 fighter pilot. After he had flown all the combat missions they would allow he volunteered and stayed over seas and flew support missions. Ralph flew all day on D-Day, dropping bombs. He said he was too busy to be afraid he was going to die. After returning from the war Ralph became a well respected and successful business man in Tuscaloosa. We lost another great one today. Rest In Peace, Ralph. We will miss you!

Columbus Air Force BaseDriving from Sherman to Tuscaloosa, we went through Columbus, MS and drove past Columbus Air Force Base. We saw several jets take off right in front of our truck. Another reminder of Ralph and his service.

We arrived in Tuscaloosa to check on Anne’s mom and offer comfort, sympathy and support to find that members of her church were already there. There was a constant stream of members of her Sunday School class coming by to check on her. We ran errands for Momma Ruby then came on back home since it was obvious that she was going to have lots of people showing her love. Certainly was a comfort to us.

So Far So Good – Thank You Lord!

August 2, 2017

Today was another day much like yesterday. After moving Juno, Max’s Mom, to Aunt Helen’s late yesterday, Juno said she had a good night’s rest and seemed to feel pretty good this morning. Surprisingly, we understand Aunt Helen who is usually in bed by about 6:00pm was up until 9:00pm last night but according to David who came over to help with the heavy lifting, she forgot Juno was even in the house. So, thankfully, no fireworks– no need for a referee. YEA!! Today for the most part they seemed to be trying to be considerate of each other. Juno did get aggravated with Helen once when she was standing in front of her waiting for her to finish eating so she could take her plate to the sink. Helen seems to eat faster than Juno. That’s normal since Juno has Parkinson’s Disease. They each seem to be adjusting their schedules somewhat to be considerate of the other. We gave Juno a remote for the TV so they both can control the channels and volume. So far that has not caused any battles. Hopefully, this is all going to work. We worked on moving more of Juno’s things to Helen’s and getting things put away/arranged at Helen’s. Max and Randy installed another cabinet in the bathroom for Juno to use and we got some cleaning done. Of course, there is still a whole lot to be done at the Juno’s house to get things packed away and moved to Helen’s basement. Over time we will get it done.

Anne talked to her Mom at assisted living and she seemed to be doing well, too. She was going to try the facility hair dresser today and was going to go to the exercise class again this morning. Hope this means she is adjusting and making friends. Anne also talked to her brother Jim today and he also seemed to be doing as well as can be expected. He is staying busy and enjoying his work.

After another hard morning of work, Randy, Debra and David left to go back to South Carolina.  We so appreciate all their time and work. Love our family! We then went home to get FRED ready to go back to Sherman RV.  We have an appointment tomorrow to leave FRED at Sherman for a few days to get our punch list worked. We had arranged for this when we picked him up since we knew we would find some little things. We decided to basically empty the refrigerator even though they said they would leave him plugged in. We had a few other things we decided to take out just in case we need them. Now we just have to unplug and head out tomorrow.

Mt Riley TrailSorry – we didn’t take any pictures today so here are some previous ones. On August 2, 2014 we were hiking in Alaska. That day we hiked the Mount Riley Trail to the summit at 1760 feet, the highest point on the Chilkat Peninsula of Alaska. There are 3 different trail heads for this hike and we chose the Mud Bay route. It is the most direct route and is 5.6 miles round trip. The hike is rated moderate in the trail guide book. Beautiful scenery that is a little different than the typical mountains and glaciers. If you want to see more of our Alaska pictures, follow the link on the side bar to our Alaska Blog.

The view from the top of Mt Riley
The view from the top of Mt Riley

We will try to remember to take some pictures tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a good week.