Maintenance Day at Home

Friday, August 4, 2017

As we have said, on NOMADS projects we work Monday through Thursday. Then usually we have a fun day and a maintenance day, then Sunday and back to work on Monday. We are not on a project but today was our maintenance day at the house since it was actually our first day to spend at home since returning from North Carolina. We walked a few rounds this morning and had and omelet and cheese toast for breakfast. As soon as breakfast was over Max was on the tractor bush-hogging the pasture and around Helen’s house. He also bush-hogged around the walking trail since the grass was getting pretty high there, too.


Deer and hawk
Deer and red-tailed hawk in the bush-hogged area of the pasture. The deer are staring accusingly because their bedroom is being destroyed. The hawk is pouncing on a field mouse and thanking Max for the easy pickings.

Anne spent the day cleaning house and doing laundry as well as checking on the LOL’s.

What a fun day! (Sarcasm intended)

Doesn't say anything about hornets
In case you wondered, the label says nothing about repelling hornets.

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