An Amazing Anniversary

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wow! What a day! What a day to celebrate our 35 years together. We have been so blessed and thank God for each other.

Even though the forecast called for a beautiful day there was still some apprehension about the weather.


Ken did another informational presentation

We started today with some stretching at the labyrinth with Hannah and then devotion in the chapel with Dawn. After breakfast Ken gave another great presentation on the eclipse which was, after all, what everyone was here to see. After that we had some free time to visit and walk around and decide where we wanted to set up for the eclipse. Then there was lunch and then time for the big, big event.


The eclipse through the solar telescope
The eclipse through the solar telescope

I’m sure those who only saw the partial eclipse may not understand this, but being under a total eclipse on a very clear gorgeous day was amazing. Much more exciting than we had anticipated. Without totality you miss seeing so much that goes on only under a total eclipse. We were able to experience the shadow coming over us. The weather changing with a drop in temperature and the cool wind picking up. As we approached totality there was almost a surreal look to everything. It seemed like you had your sunglasses on but you didn’t. Then right at totality you saw Bailey’s beads and the sudden burst of light with the diamond ring and then totality. The stars came out, you could easily see two planets, the Canadian geese loudly flew off, the crickets became quite loud, the people were very excited and then the look of an eyeball in the sky and it all happened so fast.


Right after the ooohs and aaahs
Right after the ooohs and aaahs

It was much better than we ever expected. An experience difficult to explain. So glad we were here and would definitely put forth the effort to do it again. Another unexpected joy of the last few days was the number of really wonderful people we met.  Maybe because of the shared interest in this somewhat unusual event that none of us had every experienced but there was an unexpected camaraderie that was a blessing.  What’s everyone doing in 2024?

PS. We ended this extraordinary day by getting rained on and helping wash dishes in the kitchen and it was all GOOD!

The view at 5pm
The view at 5:00 pm. It had just rained and clouds were covering the part of the sky where the eclipse occurred.

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