Fun Day of “Work” and Play

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day with a light breeze and lower temperatures. One forecast says 58 for a low tonight, but national weather service has 62. Anyway, it may be open window time tonight.

First thing this morning, Max checked McCall house again and the HVAC people were still no shows so the ceiling couldn’t be completed today. Disappointing. We had a relaxing slow start to the day with breakfast at 9:00. Hinton is feeding us three meals a day. That was totally unexpected but a real treat because their executive chef, Phillip, is excellent and has become a good friend over the past 3 years.

After breakfast we check in to see if there was anything that needed to be done since we couldn’t complete McCall. Then Ken decided to set the solar telescope up in the main parking lot while there was a great view of the sun from there. Of course, that drew some attention and we ended up with several guests taking a look. It was nice to visit with the guests and listen to Ken sharing information with them. We got some neat photographs through the telescope as well.

Anne's short lived job in the office
Anne’s short lived job in the office

Anne was scheduled to work in the office answering phones starting at 12:00 through 5:00. However, she got fired at 12:23 after taking only one call. She really didn’t get fired, but they decided they were just going to close the office, forward the calls to the welcome center/registration desk because there was just nothing going on. All the predicted craziness just has not started yet, at least not in this area. We haven’t been off campus today, but we are told that town is quiet and minimal traffic. The facilities here are filling up and by Monday we will have all the rooms full but they are coming in slowly.

Els shared one of her watermelons with everyone in the dining room
Els shared one of her watermelons with everyone in the dining room

So all four of us ate lunch together again and Els, who works on the hospitality side of things, joined us. Els does a little bit of everything at Hinton and today brought in some water melons she grew in the garden – two varieties we were unfamiliar with – black tail mountain and moon and stars. She likes to work with the all things heirloom and cut one of the black tail mountain watermelons for us after lunch. It was very good.

After lunch we relaxed, took a little nap and were then again out and about mingling with guests, answering a few questions and met up with Els again. (Sounds like a tough day?) Els wanted to show us the garden so Ken and Joyce, and one of Els’ friends went with us to the garden. There is still a lot of produce to be harvested. We picked a few things that were ready today, but we didn’t take any baskets so we are going back in the morning to harvest the corn that is ready. It was a fun outing and we have some really fresh veggies to use for next week.

Ken, Joyce, Els and Anne in the garden
Ken, Joyce, Els and Anne in the garden

Another delicious meal prepared by Phillip and his staff

By the time we returned from the garden it was almost time for dinner. We did a little work for dinner, taking up meal tickets, and helping wash dishes. We also enjoyed a wonderful dinner of grilled pork chops, potatoes, and a carrot dish that was so good we had to get the recipe. Oh my, it was a wonderful dinner. The pork chop was cooked perfectly and we will be trying the new recipe.

Evening concert on the porch
Evening concert on the porch

After dinner there was a concert on the back porch and lawn overlooking the lake. What a wonderful setting. We popped corn and provided drinks and water for the guests throughout the concert. Nice evening. Now we have to get to bed so we can go pick corn at 7:00 in the morning. Hope you are having a good weekend and don’t forget to pray for the church services tomorrow.

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