Another Loooong Day

Friday, August 11, 2017

Sorry this is short but we had another long day. We left this morning at 6:00 to go to Sherman, Mississippi to pick up FRED. We arrived there about 8:45, signed our paperwork, hooked up the truck and were headed back home at 9:30. We haven’t really taken time to check out completely the things we had on our punch list but our quick review appears things look good. After getting FRED parked in his place, we immediately resumed working on moving more of Max’s mom’s things to Aunt Helen’s house. Later this afternoon we had boxed up some things that are just going to be stored in the basement. Unfortunately, when Max went downstairs to open the basement garage door he was met with an awful surprise. The septic tank had backed up into the basement. YUK!!!! The repairman will arrive first thing in the morning. We obviously will have a lot more work to do now to clean up this mess. Just what we needed. So…. we will not be going on our planned bike ride in the morning. After doing as much as we could on that problem we still had to go do the grocery shopping for the little ladies. Now it is 10:40 and time to go to bed. Hopefully things will go a little better tomorrow.

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