Bossy Bird

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Not much happening today. Just more LOL shopping and chores and working around the house.

Bossy hummingbirdSomething happened Sunday evening when we returned home that we forgot to tell you.  We keep a hummingbird feeder out most months of the year. Of course, when we are on projects it gets empty. We just assumed the birds that don’t migrate north moved on and found someone else to feed them at those times. Apparently not. We had been home less than an hour when one pushy hummingbird flew up and hovered at the window and stared at us. Max stopped unloading and cleaned and refilled the feeder. Within moments the hummingbird was feeding. Since then we have seen two others. We sure enjoy watching them.

A Bit of Family History

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Today was a LOL (Little Old Lady) Day. Dentist appointments and shopping for our LOL’s. (Don’t be offended, they call themselves that.)

We also were rewarded with a piece of history. While sorting through items in preparation for her move, Max’s mother found this picture of Aunt Jean in McKinley Park in 1944. Since the National Park Service is working on sending a historian to collect an oral history from Aunt Jean about her time in Alaska in the 1940’s, we emailed the picture to our contacts in Denali National Park. They were thrilled to get it. Seems the Sanctuary Cabin (or at least one just like it) is still there.

Sanctuary Cabin at 26 Mile McKinley Park 1944 Me on jeep
Sanctuary Cabin at 26 Mile, McKinley Park, 1944

Senoia, GA to Pine Mountain, AL

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nice day today. Not quite as hot. Looks like the rest of the week in Alabama will not be so hot either – no temperatures in the 90’s predicted for this week. Sweet!

Fayetteville First UMCWe spent the night at Jim’s last night which allowed us to continue our visit. This morning we went back to Veranda B&B for breakfast. Wow! It was so good and there was so many choices. The eggs were perfectly cooked – which is hard for a buffet. There was bacon and chicken, biscuits, fruit, french toast, peach cobbler, hash browns and more. After that wonderful breakfast we took Jim and we met Anne’s cousin Nancy at Fayettville First UMC for worship. Then we went out for lunch. After that huge breakfast we didn’t need much, so we just had a salad. It was quite good too. After lunch it was time for goodbyes and we headed back to Alabama. It was an uneventful drive home – actually an easy drive.

Driveway washed yet againWhen we arrive we found the driveway badly washed. Fortunately, Barry and Donna who check on our house when we are gone had already warned us about this so we were sort of prepared. Lots of rain washed the drive and then made everything grow on the sides of the drive. Double whammy. We left FRED at Helen’s and drove to the house and got the tractor to scrape the drive and fill the areas that washed. While Max was on the tractor and Anne was cutting the bushes on the edge of the drive, Donna and Barry stopped by for a short visit. Sure was good to see them. Oh well, got everything in pretty good shape and brought FRED on back to our house and started unloading. The rest will have to just wait until tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great week. Say a prayer for Max. He has some oral surgery scheduled for tomorrow.