A Bit of Family History

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Today was a LOL (Little Old Lady) Day. Dentist appointments and shopping for our LOL’s. (Don’t be offended, they call themselves that.)

We also were rewarded with a piece of history. While sorting through items in preparation for her move, Max’s mother found this picture of Aunt Jean in McKinley Park in 1944. Since the National Park Service is working on sending a historian to collect an oral history from Aunt Jean about her time in Alaska in the 1940’s, we emailed the picture to our contacts in Denali National Park. They were thrilled to get it. Seems the Sanctuary Cabin (or at least one just like it) is still there.

Sanctuary Cabin at 26 Mile McKinley Park 1944 Me on jeep
Sanctuary Cabin at 26 Mile, McKinley Park, 1944

One thought on “A Bit of Family History”

  1. That was certainly a timely find! Often if you were looking for that picture for them you would never have found it. I am sure you are sorting through lots of memories now.


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