Lumberton, NC to Johnston, SC

Friday, July 21, 2017

On the way to South CarolinaIt was sunny and humid when we walked over to the dumpster about 7:00 this morning. Today was a short travel day from Lumberton, NC to Johnston, SC where Max’s brother lives. We pulled out about 8:30 with Anne driving and then switched off at the rest area about half way.

Famous attraction on the NC-SC line
Famous attraction on the NC-SC line

Then Max drove us through a lot of construction, with a stop for fuel and then on to Johnston. Nice uneventful drive. Everything worked as it was suppose and we had no problems. YEA! Debra and Randy were not yet home when we arrived but arrived shortly and we had a nice afternoon visit. Debra showed us some old quilts that she found while helping Juno, Max’s Mom, prepare to move into Aunt Helen’s house. One was made in 1887 and is so amazing. Couldn’t help but think of Cathy and wish we had been able to show it to her. Hope you are enjoying the quilt show this weekend, Cathy.  Since the peach crop is in full production here we went to one of the local packing houses and bought an $18 box of peaches. Then they took us to dinner at a great little restaurant, French Market Grill, where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and even better conversation. We so enjoy the time we spend with Randy and Debra. We caught up on some family matters, and just enjoyed being together. After dinner Debra and Anne shopped for some new clothes for Aunt Helen. Neither of us are really confident in shopping for someone else, but together we do fairly well. Randy and Max shopped at Office Depot while we shopped for clothes. They bought Randy a new laptop. Congratulations, Randy. Hope you enjoy. (He is currently waiting for Windows 10 to update – this could take a while.) After making our purchases we stopped by Dave and Jennifer’s home. They had been painting this afternoon and wanted us to see what they had done. It was great to see Dave and Jennifer even though it was a short visit. Now we are sleepy and are going to bed. More tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Lumberton, NC to Johnston, SC”

  1. You are right, Anne! I would have loved to see those quilts. The pictures are beautiful. Those are treasures, especially since you know the dates and the people they were made for. How awesome! Picture them being carefully sewn by hand in the waning light of day, after all the day’s work has been done, lovingly awaiting the baby!!!!


  2. Glad you’re getting to visit with Randy and Debra. Hope the move with Aunt Juno goes smoothly. Hope you can get Aunt Helen to wear the clothes. 😉😘


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