Split Team

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Another rainy morning
Another rainy morning

The rain began about 4:00 this morning. Boy was it hard to get out of bed. Listening to the rain on the room and snuggling up in bed – we could have slept several more hours. The rain was pretty much over by 9:00 and it was already starting to be muggy. By noon the sun was out and the temperature was rising quickly.

Larry and Carol had our devotion today, using “hands” as the theme and “He touched me” as our song. We were reminded of how Jesus touched the person with leprosy, and the children, and how we are to be the hands of Jesus and touch people. The NOMADS motto is “Rebuilding lives, homes and facilities with God’s love and our hands.”

Today for the first day since we arrived, we split the team. Hated to do that, but it was the best use of our time and talents. When we first headed to work, Max went with Anne to the NC Disaster Relief warehouse that Anne visited yesterday afternoon and then to the new job site – Leon and Virginia’s house since he had not seen that house. This house is a two bedroom, one bath house and more typical of the homes we work on for disaster rebuilds. We understand that originally all the homes in a several block are were all mill homes, exactly the same floor plan, owned by the company, but then later they we sold to individuals. Currently the plumbing and electrical are not complete. There are only two plugs that are working so we used one for lights and the other for fans. There is no water in the house yet. This entire neighborhood was devastated by the flood and there are not enough licensed people to get all the plumbing and electrical work done. We took the before pictures this morning and then Anne, Ray, Cathy and Larry began the work on the drywall. We started on the ceilings which we will stipple a little later. The mudding was started previously but needs a good deal of additional work. The drywall work will take several days.  Oh, Leon came over to the new job site this afternoon so we got to meet him. He is an elderly gentleman who seems very nice. He is so anxious to get back in his home. So glad we can help in that process. Maybe his wife will come with him sometime later this week.


Max, Suzanne and Carol went back to Mary Elizabeth’s. They began the laminate installation in the dining room. There are pantry shelves to work around and shorten as well as another door to be shortened. We all met back at the campground for lunch and then back to more of the same for the afternoon. The laminate is now about 75% complete in the dining room and all that’s left is the kitchen.   Since all the dry wall was already up when we arrived, we couldn’t write scripture on the studs so we have decided to write on the sub-floor before we place the laminate.  Another good day for Mary Elizabeth and Elizabeth because Elizabeth’s new mattress and box springs were delivered.  One more step in their return to normalcy.  It was another good day.


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