Travel to NC

Saturday, June 24, 2017

After all the rain earlier in the week, today was a beautiful sunny day. As a matter of fact it was just plain hot and humid. This morning we had a wonderful (Constructors size) breakfast with Randy and Debra and then pulled out mid-morning in route for Lumberton, NC, leaving behind the wonderful 50 amp RV outlet Randy had installed for us. We will certainly enjoy using that on future visits. It took a long time to make the drive. There were four wrecks on I-20 with long traffic delays and then there was another delay due to what appeared to be a felony stop that closed one lane. There were 5 police cars on the scene when we passed a U-Haul truck and someone was in handcuffs.

Parking at Lumberton
This week’s team is two Airstream trailers and two Tiffin motorhomes

We were glad to finally pull into the Robeson County Fairgrounds and be greeted by our team leader for the next week. We will be in the Lumberton area for four weeks (leading the last three) working on a Disaster Rebuild project to assist in recovery from Hurricane Matthew. We understand that the area around Lumberton suffered extensive flooding from the storm. When Matthew made landfall in NC it was “only” a Category 1 storm but it was the massive amounts of rain that caused so much devastation. Many homes in Lumberton were over 4 feet under water. We met our other team members this afternoon and then went to Walmart to pick up a few things. A severe thunderstorm came through about the time we got into the store. The rain poured down. The power went off in the store momentarily and was off in the campground when we returned. Fortunately we have 6 large batteries in our new Fred so we really didn’t notice the outage except our air conditioners we not on when we returned. We didn’t really miss the air conditioning because the temperature had dropped over 15 degrees from when we left for Walmart. Power is back on now and everything is back to normal We are looking forward to a productive time here in Lumberton.

By the way, if you are on Facebook and would like to track the progress in the coming weeks of the Rosalie Baptist Church project. Go to Facebook and search for “Constructors for Christ“. You will find many more pictures and videos of the construction and volunteers.

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