Final Inspection Day

Tuesday May 30, 2017

Anne drove home last evening. She needed a break and wanted to be in Red Bay with Max for the final inspection of our new motor home. So, it was up at 3:00am to make the Red Bay drive to be there at 6:00 for the start of the Tiffin work day. Max has been doing this almost daily for the past two weeks. While Anne has been busy with family emergencies, Max has been insuring the best build we can get. It was just so great for us to get to spend the day together and once again today do a joint blog post. We do so much better together. The new RV is looking really good. We are so pleased and excited. We watched as they performed the final cleanup, and touchups, talking to the Tiffin employees and continuing to learn about our new coach and ways to best care for and touch up little “mishaps” that will inevitably happen. These guys know how to touch up the marble, the wood, the dash. Really amazing.

Visiting with Mr Tiffin.jpgToday we also had the real treat of meeting with Bob Tiffin. We asked at the office if we could speak to him and the receptionist said sure, as soon as he gets off the phone. So, a few minutes later we were escorted to his office for a brief visit. We simply wanted to thank him for generously allowing us to view the entire build of our motor home and interact so freely with the employees. What a wonderful experience this has been. We have met some of the nicest people and seen them take great pride in their work. We so glad we were able to express our gratitude to Mr. Bob.

Back at Belmont and almost ready
Back at Belmont and almost ready

Our new rig is now back in Belmont for the little paint repairs we mentioned in the last post. They expected to finish that up tonight and have it in line for delivery by early tomorrow morning. There will be paperwork to complete and then a driver will make the delivery to our dealer Sherman RV in Sherman, Mississippi. YEA!! Just a few more days.

For those of you who are also walking through the hard times our families are experiencing. Anne’s Mom was transferred to Health South Rehab Hospital in Newnan, GA this afternoon. This will begin a week or two of acute care rehab before her return to Tuscaloosa for continued care. She made the trip in great shape and will now start the hard work of rehab. Marguerite continues to loose the battle of ovarian cancer. It is such a struggle for she and Jim. So very hard but we will continue to walk through this “valley of the shadow of death” with the two of them. Thank you all so much for your prayers. They are felt and greatly appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Final Inspection Day”

  1. Been great watching your new home come together. Praying for all the family. It’s been a rough time for you all. Much love sent to all. Can’t wait to see the new home.


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