Monday, March 27, 2017

Max felt better today than any time since his surgery so after carefully checking the weather this morning we decided we could get a road trip in before the thunderstorms hit. At about 6:45 we headed out to Red Bay Alabama. What? You say you have never heard of Red Bay? Red Bay is not near the ocean, not on a bay, and is a tiny little town on the far western border of North Alabama. The population is about 3100. According to our guide today, who was a retired history teacher, Red Bay was named for its red soil and the bay trees that grow there. Red Bay is home to Tiffin Motorhomes which was our destination for today. Tiffin also happens to be the manufacturer of our FRED. We think Tiffin is the only RV manufacturer in the state of Alabama and we are very glad they are here. Their Phaeton model has been the best selling model of class A diesel pusher motor homes for a number of years. They currently produce 12 motorhomes each work day and employ about 1,500 people. We took the factory tour today and then spent a good deal of time looking at various rigs. Sometimes when you want to see various models, fabrics or décors it’s easier to go to Red Bay because dealers usually only have a few units in stock at any point in time. We always like to take factory tours to watch companies make anything from ice cream or candy to cars and RVs. This was not our first time to tour the Tiffin plant but we enjoyed it again. If you are ever in the area, they conduct tours each day they are open at 9:30am. After you do the tour and if you are still looking for something to do you can check out the Coon Dog Cemetery or the Rattlesnake Saloon which are also in the area. We have visited both of those compelling locations before so refrained ourselves today. We wanted to get back home before the storms arrived and fortunately we did – just barely. Hope you have all had a great start to your week.


One thought on “ROAD TRIP!!!”

  1. Heading out tomorrow to Eva, Tenn to NOMADS project at Lakeshore Assembly UMC. Lost one couple because of accident they had in Louisiana. Sorry Max is laid up, get better Max, I KNOW you have a good nurse. Miss you guys but will see you again down the road.
    Mike and Ruth


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