Prolific Pine Pollen Prognostication

Friday, March 24, 2017

Yesterday was, as we planned, a stay at home day. We had breakfast, walked, worked on Aunt Helen’s taxes and around the house and walked some more. We did a total of 4 miles, 2 after breakfast and 2 after lunch. We also picked up our pace. We are about back to our normal pace. One of the things we noticed while walking was the beginning of the “yellow car season.” The pine trees are just starting to release their pollen. The oaks are also doing their thing. We actually had noticed the increase in pollen when Max started sneezing shortly after getting up. He is much better but the sneezing is just really not a good idea. Ouch! Believe he will make use of antihistamines until his abdomen heals up a little more.

We got pictures from the MHCC team from the morning devotions. Frank plays the guitar, and Harry plays the auto harp with Janet playing her harp when they are responsible for devotions. We miss our devotion times with the group.

blueberry breakfast
Blueberry Breakfast

Monday when we stopped at Aldi Max spotted some blueberry syrup. Yep, we couldn’t resist so this morning we had French toast for breakfast so we could try out the syrup. It was really good!!! Today started as a really cloudy and windy day. We each had to go back for another jacket when we started out for our morning walk. Today we did 5 ½ miles, 2 this morning and 3½ this afternoon. We probably won’t increase any more for a few days. We won’t get as much walking in tomorrow because we are going to Tuscaloosa to see Anne’s mom. After the morning walk Anne had to take Aunt Helen back to get the sutures removed from her skin cancer surgery. Everything went well and she was released.

We also got an update on the OK disaster rebuild so you can see what they accomplished this week.

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