Sleep Deprived Sunday in Cedartown

Sunday, March 12, 2017

So, did everyone get to church on time today?? We lost 2 hours in 2 days coming from central time zone and then going on daylight saving time, so we are feeling it today. So 5:30 in the morning will be like 3:30 was last week at home.

snow on windshield
Snow on the windshield

Ouch!! It would be bad to be late for our first day at work. Maybe we will skip the exercise in the morning and sleep a little later.  We had snow and sleet in the early morning hours but certainly nothing like they had just a little further north.

flowers still pretty
A brief period of morning sunshine on our still pretty jonquils

It was cold and gray most of the day with occasional welcome periods of sunshine. Just before dark the clouds totally cleared and we have a star filled sky tonight. Think the lack of clouds means an even colder morning tomorrow. Yep, we left a lot of our really warm work clothes at home. Took them to Oklahoma and it was 70 degrees. Left the at home this time and of course, it turns cold. Hopefully it won’t last very many days or these folks are going to get tired of seeing us in the same warm clothes.

Today we visited Marietta Street United Methodist Church and enjoyed a great service and a very warm welcome. It’s a pretty little church with this neat brick cross in the sidewalk out front. The pastor’s name is Bobby Church, Pastor Church. He had a wonderful message on how Jesus is our way out of the dark cave of despair. He is our hope and salvation. We visited Marietta Street last year for Easter Sunrise Service and breakfast afterward. It was so good to see the people again.

After worship, of course, we all went out for Sunday lunch. It was very good and the visiting and catching up with old friends was great. There is always so much laughter when we are with our NOMADS friends. When we got home we had another roundup of the cows to try to keep them away from the motor homes.

mhcc campground
Our campground at Murphy Harpst

Tonight we had our first official team meeting at Jim and Mary Jo’s. Of course we began with introductions although most of us have worked together on other projects. We got to know Richard a little better. He is the only person we haven’t worked with before and he will be on our Sumatanga project next period. We are going to be taking down some walls, tearing out a kitchen and putting up some other walls. We think it is turning older dorm space into administrative space but we will learn more tomorrow and it will all be good. Hope everyone has a great Monday.

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