BRRRR! and Another Post from the Past

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Oh, my goodness it was cold this morning. 26 per our thermometer and even colder per weather service. Therefore we decided to stay in and stay warm. There was laundry to do and tax preparation to be done. Our additional team members arrived this afternoon and we look forward to working with them this week. This now gives us a complete team and hopefully we will accomplish much for our home owner. It was a beautiful sunny day, but it stayed cold all day with the high in the low 50s. Working on taxes made us think of our first full year of NOMADS work. We came home from Pensacola, which we blogged about last Saturday (Feb 18), and stayed home for the holidays then headed to Florida. Below is a copy of our journal of that time that we never posted because we had stopped blogging.

We departed on our first adventure of 2015 early Friday, January 2nd for the first leg of our trip to Melbourne, FL. It was a rainy morning, but nothing could dampen our excitement of traveling down the road again. Lowes Live Oak FL.jpg

We overnighted at Lowe’s in Live Oak, FL and then continued on to Wickham Park in Melbourne on Saturday, January 3. It was a bright and sunny, perfect Florida day.

We were in Melbourne for a 3 week NOMADS project at Emmanuel UMC. It was primarily a painting project. We painted the exterior of the sanctuary, education building, Corton Hall (fellowship hall) and parsonage. We made wonderful new friends since we did not know any of our team members before the project. Our team leaders Bill and Marti (MO) were great and we will always cherish them and our fellow team members Waid and Betsy (SC), and Larry and Joan (WI). We accomplished so much for Emmanuel and had great fun. We met wonderful members of the congregation who came to work with us most days. One couple even joined NOMADS. Our agency liaison was Rebecca who was absolutely awesome.

We went to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge – an extension of the Space Center and got great pictures of alligators, and all kinds of beautiful birds. We would love to go back and spend another day there.

dels-freeze-flOf course while in Melbourne we ate great food from places such as “Squidlips”, “That Little Restaurant”, “Sand on the Beach” and “Del’s Freeze” (wonderful ice cream) as well as a spaghetti dinner, pancake breakfast and several other meals provided by various members of the church.

 There were wonderful walks on the beach, watching the wind surfers, and watching the manatees.

night-launchWhile staying at Wickham Park we had a great view from our back yard and got to view 2 launches from the Kennedy Space Center. What a wonderful experience that was!!

Wickham Park has a great RV Park and lots of bike trails, hiking trails, geocaches, a disc golf course, lakes and much, much more. Scout loved it there.

This was our first 3 week NOMADS project and we did not want it to end. Great experience! We hope to return to Emmanuel, Pastor Pam, Rebecca and all the others in 2016.

And we did. We will have to tell you about that project at a later date. The 2016 Emmanuel project was our first project to lead. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and you are praying for the services you will attend tomorrow at your church. Never forget to be in prayer for the one who brings the message and everyone who will be hearing it. Same time tomorrow – or there about.

2 thoughts on “BRRRR! and Another Post from the Past”

  1. We spent yesterday morning at Wickham Park. Jim is training for a marathon and I am training for a 1/2 marathon. We loved the park! We are currently doing Nomads at Satellite Beach.


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