Flashback to our first Disaster Rebuild

Saturday, February 18, 2017

It was another beautiful day in Elmore City. It was cloudy first thing this morning, cleared and was really nice. It was a stay at home day with cleaning, laundry and accounting work to be done. The newest addition to our team, Pat and Scott arrived early afternoon. We worked with them on our first DR project in Gulf Breeze, FL and at Vashti Childrens home in Georgia. We are so glad to be with them again. They are a great addition to our team and we look forward to working with them the next 2 weeks. We took enough time for some walking for exercise but otherwise it was pretty much a working day. Pat and Scott being here made us think of our first NOMADS trip after our return from Alaska in September 2014. (the last time we blogged.)

Gulf Breeze DR Team

We worked the first 2 weeks of the Gulf Breeze Disaster Rebuild Project, November 3-14, 2014. We had a great team that really came together well. We knew no one when we arrived, but by the end of the second week we really, really didn’t want to leave. Just loved those folks. Gulf Breeze flooded in the spring of 2014. It rained over 26 inches in less than 24 hours and there was wide spread flooding. The house we worked on had been mucked out and partially rebuilt. The homeowner had used all their FEMA money and had no choice but to move back in the house with the kitchen inoperable, no appliances or cabinets, and no interior doors. The drywall was up but still needed some taping and mudding and lots of sanding to be done and then all the painting. Most of the tile work was done. A precious family of four – a grandmother, her daughter and 2 granddaughters were living in the unfinished home. They had a little dorm size refrigerator, and a microwave and some air mattresses on the floor and that’s how they were living. The daughter and her boyfriend worked on the house at night and on the weekends, but they were just overwhelmed and exhausted by the time we arrived. They told us that their puppy woke them up during the night of the flooding. Water was up about mid-calf. They used a kitchen knife to cut through drywall to get upstairs to a bonus room and safely away from the rising water. They were rescued by boat. So, we finished up the home for the beautiful family that lived there and presented them with a Bible signed by the team. It was a lot of really hard work but very, very rewarding.


While in Gulf Breeze we also had lots of fun. blue angels 1.jpgThe Blue Angels were performing their last show of the season so we got to watch their practices right from our campsites and then we all went to the final performance on Sunday afternoon. We also ate really good. We found the largest and best seafood market – Joe Patti- we have ever visited. On one of team member’s suggestion, we bought some of the Royal Red shrimp. And of course we also had an order of the beignets from the food truck right outside the market. The Royal Reds were phenomenal.

Overall – it was a great two weeks – such a blessing to be able to participate –and we highly recommend others find a way to participate in similar mission work. You will be so blessed.

Tomorrow we will have church and covered dish dinner. NOMADS really enjoy eating and maybe we will find out more about Elmore City and Footloose.

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