Last Day at Maumelle

Friday, February 10, 2017

another-sunriseToday started with another beautiful sunrise. Sorry to bore you with another one but there is just no better way to start the day than watching a beautiful sunrise through the big windshield of your RV, while you do your daily Bible reading and devotion.

morning-devotionIt was also cool because the past two days even the half of us who is the night owl has been up to see, enjoy and photograph the sunrise. It was a very nice start to a very nice day. After breakfast there was house cleaning to be done. Don’t know about the rest of you RVers but it always seems to rain when we are loading out. That means everything gets tracked in so you start the trip needing to clean. So today we cleaned inside, then washed the road grime off Fred and the truck.

washing-fredNot a very interesting Friday but a nice one. After that we did a little geocaching in the park. We discovered some really nice trails and ended up hiking most of the afternoon.

Geocaching in the park

It was a nice sunny day with moderate temps but the wind was still really blowing at times. Even gave us a chance to relax  by the river for a few minutes and take a selfie. Really don’t enjoy all the wind we are having and we have been told to expect more wind in Oklahoma. Oh well – guess we will adjust. At least the forecast for next week in Elmore City is for moderate temperatures.

messWe have said previously what a nice park this is. Vicki, one of our NOMADS friends, mentioned in her comments on yesterday’s blog, the medical sites they have in this park. We had noticed those the first day we were out walking but this afternoon while talking to the people in the office we found that those sites are full hookups (unlike the remainder which have no sewer). They have an arrangement with University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to reserve these sites for RVers with long term health problems requiring them to stay in the area. RVers undergoing chemo or radiation treatments and the like can have their patient advocate at the Medical Center send a letter to the Ranger requesting a site. Then for $24.00/night – $12.00 for those with National Park Access or Senior Pass – the patient and family can stay in their RV in the full hookup sites for the duration of their treatment. We were told that last year all 10 of these sites were frequently in use. What a wonderful option for RVers to have when faced with serious illness. Sitting in the comfort of your RV looking out over the Arkansas river would be a nice environment in which to recuperate. RVing is growing in popularity and with more and more people living fulltime in their rigs it would be nice to see other campgrounds start a similar policy.

There are many birds in this park along with some fat squirrels. This afternoon we had a visit from a crazy acting possum. It made some of the people in the park nervous so we took some pictures so we would have some “wild life” photos to include in the blog for you to enjoy. The possum actually made it all the way across the road alive. That’s about it for today. We will be heading out early in the morning for Elmore City, OK. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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