Starting Work In Laurel

Monday, May 10, 2021

Today began with Ken and Heidi inviting us to sit in on their 7:30 meeting with our construction coordinator, Robby, since we are scheduled to take over lead next week.  We began by discussing the new job site we were going to today and Robby shared our scope of work.  After a short time at the site, we suspect that scope may expand.  A double wide mobile home was donated to the agency and we need to prepare it for moving to a new site.  Unfortunately, a tree limb fell on the right end of the home some time prior to the donation and there was some significant damage and subsequent leaking.  Part of the ceiling in the master bedroom and master bath were on the floor.  Some pretty significant repairs will be required on the roof and ceiling as well as the front wall.  There are a few other locations in the house that have some water damage as well.  The agency is planning to re-roof the entire house but that is not on our list of work.

After devotion we all headed to the job site and we began by cutting back some of the foliage in preparation for the movers.  We cleaned out the master bedroom so we would have room to work and pulled up the carpet to allow the floor to begin drying.  By then the morning rain had moved out and we returned to the outside work.  Anne and Heidi worked on removing the skirting and Max and Ken helped Robby replace the tarps on the roof.  They also removed the siding on the right end of the home.  We got more done today than we expected.  It was a productive and fun day and we got to know Heidi and Ken a little better.  We had met them once before but never worked together.  They are talented and fun leaders.  This will be good week.

More Highs Than Lows

Sunday May 9, 2021

This week has had it’s highs and lows.  Monday and Tuesday we continued to finalize the emptying of our house.  By the end of the day Tuesday we were done!  Wednesday morning was spent catching our breath and then Randy and Debra arrived.  It’s always so great to see them!  We worked on some chores around Aunt Helen’s but mainly it was food and good conversation.  They left Friday morning and then some wonderful NOMADS friends, Dave and Carol stopped by for a visit on their way to Florida.  It was wonderful to see them!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Stop by anytime you are in the area.  Friday afternoon we gathered all our tools we had used at the house and reloaded Fred and the truck.  We left the mountain at 8:00 Saturday morning and we are now in Laurel, MS.  We will begin work with Heidi and Ken tomorrow, working on homes damaged by some of the tornadoes that have hit this area.  We are very thankful for the visits, the work accomplished and safe travel of this week.

There were only two lows.  We had another storm that dropped almost 4 inches of rain and Max had to scrape the drive again and we are still owners of our house.  There were problems with the paperwork and we did not get to close Friday.  Very disappointing.  Hopefully, the closing/title company will correct their errors and we will close next week.  God is still in control and we simply pray that if it is His will, things will be corrected and finalized quickly.

Almost there!

Sunday May 2, 2021

Thank you Lord, there were no storms this week.  No hail.  No reason to bug out.  We were able to work so hard this week moving the things we decided to keep, selling a lot of the big furniture and other stuff, and giving the rest away.  We pushed so hard with the help of some wonderful friends.  We couldn’t have done it without them.  We think we have everything out of the house we will be keeping.  The main living area and bonus room are empty.  The basement still has a little stuff to be cleaned out.  Hopefully by Tuesday everything will be done.  Closing is still currently scheduled for Friday.

Today, we decided we needed a break and took some time off to go to Camp Sumatanga.  Lester Memorial has a church picnic at Sumatanga each spring.  Today was the day and we had 5 teens who wanted to be baptized in the lake.  It was a bit cold but the teens and our pastors were up for the challenge.  Wonderful service, followed by a wonderful meal of smoked chicken, baked beans, carrots, slaw, chips, and cookies prepared by the Sumatanga staff.  For our NOMADS friends who are familiar with the camp, some great things are happening.  There are 10 new RV power pedestals in the campground with 30 and 50amp connections.  There is also a new bridge being installed at the pool camp.  Our church along with many others have been volunteering to make further improvements.  It’s looking good.

It’s back to work tomorrow.  Please pray that all goes well this week.  For those asking, we still have Aunt Helen’s house to take care of, we will still have some land where we can build a smaller home with a big garage but for a time we will be full time in Fred.