First Week of July

Saturday July 6, 2019

Oops! It’s been a week and we haven’t made a blog entry. Well, we are still alive and well. On the assumption that you really aren’t interested in reading about our mundane cleaning out of our house as we prepare it for sale and taking care of things at Aunt Helen’s house, there isn’t much to say about this week. However, we do have a couple of lessons learned:

  1.  Don’t buy anything thinking someone will want it after you’re gone.
  2.  Never plant any kind of ivy or climbing vine near your house. At some point in the future it will cause you, or someone else, misery.vines

Oh, we forgot to mention last week that a friend installed a 50 amp electrical connection where we park Fred. So wonderful!

We spent a good deal of time in Oneonta checking on Jean and Helen this week. Tuesday was Aunt Jean’s hand surgery. She has an excellent hand surgeon who is very compassionate and was very careful in his examination so as to not hurt her. Jean entertained the staff making her funny little quips during all the waiting. The staff all loved her. The surgeon had to remove about ½ of the third finger on the left hand and released the contractures on the other fingers and wrist. The hand should now be in more of a resting position without the fingernails cutting into the palm of her hand and causing infection. She will return to the doctor for a dressing change next Thursday but so far things are going well. We spent part of the 4th visiting with the LOLs and then took the rest of the day to just rest.

Cheaha State Park signToday we decided to ride up to Cheaha State Park. It’s the highest point in Alabama and a nice little park. We received an email last week about the improvements they have made recently in the campground so we went to check it out. It was a nice little excursion but it was too hot to do anything outside today so we opted out of hiking. We did our walking this morning before it got so hot. Don’t forget to be praying for our pastors tomorrow.