Sad Goodbyes

Friday, July 14, 2017

Down to two RVs for the nightThis morning around 9:00 Rita and Dave, and Morris and Karen pulled out with Rita and Dave headed back to Alabama and Morris and Karen headed to Lake Junaluska for a few days then to Gaffney for their annual Freightliner service. They will be taking a couple of weeks off and then returning to Lumberton to lead the team for a few weeks. We were sad to see them all leave and pray for their safe travels. They were such wonderful team members, hard workers and so much fun. Great team. So for today it was our our rig and Suzanne’s Airstream. Looks sort of empty around here. At our request, the guys from the fairgrounds came and mowed the empty sites so our incoming team members will have nicely mowed sites. Then the man in charge of the maintenance told us that we are going to have a Mexican Rodeo here this weekend. He said it will be bulls and beer and that we could watch it from the fence right by our RVs. It could get interesting. And maybe noisy. Nothing is going on tonight. We saw a bull shoot come in on a truck but haven’t seen any bulls. And we saw a big Budweiser truck come in to the Grand Stand but that’s about it so far.

Jeff our construction supervisor called this moring and told us that UMCOR received approval from the Lumberton City Council this week for the RV park a few miles from here. It is an old mobile home park that is empty and UMCOR wants to put in some RV sites for the NOMADS and other volunteer groups to use for disaster assistance. We and Suzanne met Jeff over at the new location and walked the site and made a few recommendations. Jeff hopes to have the sites completed within the next 2 weeks. It should be nice parking when it is complete. They had started working on the site about a month ago but had to stop until the Council gave final approval this week. After meeting with Jeff we ran a few errands and then returned to the fair grounds. Another HOT dayTemps were in the low 90’s but heat index today was 105 at 1:00. We mainly stayed in out of the heat this afternoon and watched Christmas movies and read and relaxed. Nice quiet day. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay safe, and we will be watching to see what happens around here tomorrow.

Another Week Complete!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Repeat of yesterday and the day before. Hot and dry! And that’s all we are going to say about that.

Rita sweepingThe day started with a good laugh. The grounds crew here at the fair grounds cut the grass Tuesday. Ever since then we have all be fighting tracking in to our rigs all the grass clippings. Everyone is always apologetic when they come in and they try to wipe their feet off really well on our multiple mats. It really doesn’t seem to work. Yesterday Rita really tracked in the grass clippings. She was so sorry about it but it didn’t matter how many times we told her everything was ok. This morning Rita came in with a dust pan and little broom. She was constantly sweeping up behind everyone. It was too funny.

Karen shared our devotion today and it was sort of a continuation of joy using the July 4 devotion from “Our Daily Bread.” We all again talked about the obvious joy of the congregation at Branch Street UMC. Thanks Karen of a good reminder to be thankful for our joy and peace in Christ.

We got a lot of tedious projects done today. The sitting room is now officially complete with the exception of painting a step. We need to use that doorway so we can’t take that step out of service and paint right now. All the crown is now up in the hall. Thanks to Rita and Morris! All the base is installed in the living room and most of the quarter round. The door trim is all caulked and painted in the living room. There is still a little quarter round to be installed. The cedar planks for the dining room are now all organized and in process of being trimmed down. It was a good day.


Today was last work day for Rita and Dave and Karen and Morris. SO tonight we went out for our traditional Thursday night dinner at Woody’s BBQ. Since tomorrow is Morris’s birthday we also had a little celebration after dinner, with cupcakes. Everyone enjoyed the food and we all ate too much. We will be sorry to say goodbyes tomorrow, but have so enjoyed working with the four of them. It was a joy to have the time to reconnect with Dave and Rita and get to know Daren and Morris for the first time. We will miss you guys so much next week. Safe travels and we hope to see you down the road soon.



Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weather-wise today was a carbon copy of yesterday, only hotter. The TV said we were again in triple digit heat index and it is expected to get worse into the weekend. Oh well – can’t change it. We just try to ensure everyone on the team takes adequate rest breaks and drinks plenty of fluids. We slow down a lot in the afternoon.

Dave and Rita presented our devotion today and it was on joy, based on Psalm 100. We all agreed that even with the heat, working this Disaster Rebuild in Lumberton has certainly brought us joy. We hope we have shared the joy of the Lord with people we have met here and we know we have shared the joy of the home improvements with Mary Elizabeth. She just walks around sometimes just looking at everything. She is so appreciative and such a hard worker. Yesterday when we tried to get her to sit and rest she refused saying she can’t just sit when we are there working on her house. She feels she needs to be working anytime we are working.

Today we continued what we were working on yesterday. The laminate was completed in the living room. Crown molding was installed in the hall. Trim was reinstalled around 4 living room doors. Quarter-round was installed in the front bath. Progress was made sorting the cedar boards for the dining room. There was continued caulking and painting of trim pieces. Two doors were rehung in the living room. Working on trim is very time consuming. Things are looking really good. Still a ways to go but it’s getting there. Tomorrow we there will be caulking and painting along with lots of other projects. It will also be our Friday. Got to love it.!


Still Busy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Today was another sunny and hot day. No storms today and not many clouds. It was still a little cooler than last week with heat index staying below triple digit but the afternoon was hot. We certainly did appreciate the portable air conditioner again this afternoon.

We got a lot done again today. It was more of the same. There were doors to cut off because of installing new laminate. There was lots of base and quarter round to paint and then install. And of course more laminate was installed. About 2/3 of the laminate in the living room is installed. We also assisted Elizabeth in moving her bed into the new bedroom. She is so excited. Her husband is suppose to be home tonight and they were going to buy a new mattress and box springs and hopefully will be sleeping in their own bed in their new bedroom before the end of the week. Rita also helped get their computer/internet and TV working again. Another exciting event for Elizabeth. All in all it was a good day but we were glad to get back to FRED and cool off.