♫ Going to the Chapel … ♫

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Since there is a wedding scheduled for Friday at the chapel on the mountain above Sumatanga, our priority today was to clean up that area.  No one has been to the top of the mountain since March so everything was very overgrown.  There were downed trees blocking the two-track gravel road. There were many branches leaning out over the road. You could not get through without them rubbing against your vehicle. Dead branches were on the ground, as well as all the grass being extremely tall and thick. It looked very overwhelming as we drove in off the main road. Our first assessment was it was at least a 3-4 day task and we only had two days. It was really sad to see the camp in such a state. After a few moments of looking around and shaking our heads, we just got to work. We had nine NOMADS plus Stephen, the maintenance department, helping. Two NOMADS stayed at camp to continue the painting. By this afternoon the place was transformed. Totally amazing! We will still have a little work to do tomorrow when we take the tables and chairs up the mountain. Everything is looking so nice and the view from the Chapel down into the valley is just as beautiful as ever. We are very tired tonight.

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