Busy Sunday

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Today started way too early. It was dark out. We were up and on the road at 4:25 headed toward Cullman, AL to meet our dear friends Dave and Carol for breakfast. There were leaving Cullman this morning for Ohio to see Dave’s mom who is quite ill and they left their motor home in Cullman with some NOMADS friends. We were on the way from Red Bay to Oneonta for church. We had a great visit and a very good breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dave and Carol as they make this hard trip. They should be back in the area Wednesday night so we may get to see them again Thursday before they start their long trip west.

About 7:30 we were on our way again to Lester Memorial. It was so nice to be back in our home church. Hopefully we will be able to attend for several weeks now. Missing our church is one of the hard things about traveling doing mission work like we do. The worship service was wonderful, the music great and the message was a word from God. Such a blessing. It was also great to be back in our Sunday School class.

After church we went to visit our LOLs at the rehab center. It was really good to see Aunt Helen and Aunt Jean. Helen had definitely gone down since we left for Texas in January. She is talking less. She did know us although we aren’t sure she knew our names. She of course held our hands and told us “You made my day.” Sweet. Jean was ill when we left in January and is feeling much better now. She seemed pretty spry today. Neither of the ladies seem to have any sense of time and don’t seem to know if it’s been a day or a month since our last visit. Sad.

Tornado damageOn the way back home from church, we drove through the tornado damage from Thursday’s storm. It is really miraculous that there were no injuries. Large trees down on houses, and trailers cut in half by trees were easily seen from the highway. They are still working to restore utilities to the area.

Donna invited us to have lunch with her and Barry which was great since our refrigerator at the house is obviously pretty bare. It was great to have some time to visit with them. After lunch and a quick trip to check on the house, we all went back to the church for a meeting about a trip to the Holy Land and Germany and Austria for the Passion Play next year. Sounds very interesting. We may try to make another trip to the Holy Land. Anne’s mother highly recommended the Oberammergau Passion Play. Sounds like it will be a great trip and a number of our friends are also considering the trip. We shall see.

After the meeting and some visiting with friends, it was time to return to Red Bay. Now it’s about time to go to bed.

One thought on “Busy Sunday”

  1. I told Donna the other day that I noticed Aunt Helen wasn’t talking much. Of course Jean does but not sure what she’s saying sometimes.lol It is sad seeing Aunt Helen going down.


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