One Step (½ mile) Forward

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Today was another beautiful day as predicted yesterday. Wow! They got it right two days in a row. And it was good. Chilly morning, 39 again, and didn’t seem quite as warm as yesterday this afternoon. It was a beautiful day to get our walking in again. We got about 5 miles today. Getting outside exercising is more than good for our heart. It is really good for our spirit. Last week we climbed steps in the hospital but that was about it. It was really good to get back outside. Very thankful for today.

Also thankful for our worship service and Sunday school class at Lester Memorial UMC today. Both were really good and since it was the first Sunday of the month we celebrated Holy Communion. Always a special time.

After Sunday school we returned to the rehab facility to visit with Helen. Donna and Barry were there as well. Helen seemed to be doing well. She was smiling and laughing and really appreciated Donna’s and Barry’s visit. We left Helen eating lunch with some of her new friends in the dining room. She makes friends easily and we hope she will end up enjoying her time at rehab. Therapy will start tomorrow so we will see how things go then. She did really well with therapy at the hospital and we hope that continues. So thankful that we have family and friends who will continue to visit and encourage her daily in our absence.

Staged for the next tripOther than a little nap and our walking, we spent the afternoon doing our final packing. We are now one step and ½ mile closer to Baton Rouge. After our final loading, we moved Fred to the end of our driveway, out to Aunt Helen’s house for a dry camping night. We decided it would be nice to just be able to get in Fred and head out after we finish some business for Aunt Jean and meet with the team at rehab to complete all of Helen’s paperwork. We are hoping it will be shortly after lunch but whenever it is, we will be ready to roll.

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