A FUN Birthday

Saturday, December 9, 2017

We still have snow. It was cold last night but only 28, not the 24 that was was predicted. The sun was out bright and shinny this morning, the first sun we have seen for several days. The snow was gorgeous with the bright sun. Definitely needed sunglasses. The temperature rose into the 40s by early afternoon and a lot of the snow melted. Tonight we still have 3 inches on the deck but the deck doesn’t get much sun. Tonight’s low is predicted to be 22.

Our day started with the camera and more pictures of the snow. Then Max prepared a wonderful birthday breakfast for Anne. We had sausage and cheese omelets. After breakfast Barry and Donna picked us up and we headed to Guntersville for a hike on the Honeycomb Trail from the TVA recreation area at the dam. There were geocaches along the trail so we got a little caching in today too. It’s been too long since the four of us have had time hiking and caching together. We found 14 caches.

Gunterville Dam
We stopped at the bald eagle viewing area below the Guntersville Dam and saw one eagle. Enlarge this picture and you might be able to see it, too. (It is above the trees directly above the left side of the tan building.)

Top O The RiverIt was a wonderful day that was topped off by dinner at The Top O’ The River restaurant in Guntersville. We were so hungry by the time we got there. They serve you cold slaw and cornbread while waiting on your entree. It was the best. We have always enjoyed their slaw and corn bread but today it was especially good. Our shrimp and catfish were also excellent. The hike the company, the food. All made for a really fun birthday.

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